Rokk Light Expansion Kit

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Elevate your off-road game with our Rock Light Expansion Kit, tailored for ATV and off-road enthusiasts eager to distinguish their ride. These robust RGB-W lights provide plenty of illumination for your undercarriage, transforming your vehicle into a beacon of style and safety as you navigate challenging terrains. They are essential for those looking to add a personal touch and enhanced visibility to their adventures. Dive into the night with confidence and steeze on your next off-road adventure!

The Rokk Light Expansion Kit includes:

  • 12 RGB-W lights
  • 14 - 1' extensions
  • 2 - 4' extensions
  • 2 - 8' extensions
  • 12 caps
  • 8 zip ties
  • 25 Robinson screws

NOTE: This kit does NOT contain a controller. Purchase a starter kit before purchasing an expansion kit.